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When someone can speak about something as difficult as Huntington’s disease, and be so engaging that they allow people to step outside of their fear and truly hear the words being spoken, it is a gift.

This is a gift Jimmy Pollard brought to Boise this fall. We were so thankful that Jimmy traveled from Boston to Boise and shared his valuable insight with thoughtful stories with just the right amount of laughter and charm. (He is a charming guy after all.) Here are some words of inspiration he told me in a candid conversation:

“When you have one chance to tell someone in a short amount of time about Huntington’s disease, make sure you have chosen the right words.”

Sounds simple, right? But it’s not that simple. How do we define Huntington’s to interested people, without painting it in with other neurological diseases? What do you say when someone asks you “what is Huntington’s disease?”

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